On job market

Evgeniy Zazdravnyh

National Research University Higher School Of Economics

I am post-roc working on health economics with a focus on developing economies. My research interests include health spending, utilization of health care services, and self-treatment.

Anwen Zhang

University Of Glasgow

Anwen Zhang is an applied microeconomist and currently Lecturer in Economics at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on policy-relevant issues related to health and education. His more recent work aims to understand what matters for mental health.

Prior to joining University of Glasgow in 2019, he held research positions at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Cambridge. He received his PhD in Economics from Lancaster University.

Yanyu Zhou

University of Glasgow

Yanyu is a PhD candidate in the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests are mainly on corporate finance, urban economics, and transportation economics. Presently, her ongoing research focuses on the effect of highway infrastructure on firms’ inventory investment in China.

Xiaoyu Zong

Heriot-watt University

Has research interest in the financial market and asset pricing, with focus on the macro finance theories associated with wealth inequality and heterogeneous rationality.