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Zahra Kamal

Otto-Friedrich Universität

I am a doctoral fellow at the finishing stage of my PhD degree in applied economics. My PhD research focuses on "Gender Agenda in Classroom and Student Academic Outcomes". I investigated how the gender of the teacher and the gender composition of peers in classroom affect student achievement, particularly in the context of Muslim-majority countries where stereotypical gender roles are more pronounced. My research findings are applicable, besides in the examined contexts, in countries with increasing number of immigrants from the Middle-East, those facing challenges of integrating the immigrants into their mainstream society.

Zafer Kanik

University of Glasgow

Zafer Kanik joined the Adam Smith Business School as a Lecturer in Economics in September 2020. Before joining the University of Glasgow, he was a Postdoctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Zafer holds a PhD in Economics from Boston College.

Zafer’s research focuses on economic and financial networks. He is particularly interested in risks, regulations, and reorganization in networked markets. His current research is centered around two main themes:

i) systemic risk, financial stability and banking regulations,

ii) macroeconomic impacts of automation.

Arie Kapteyn

University of Southern California

Philip Kerner

University of Bremen

Philip Kerner is a PhD candidate at the Chair of Economics of Innovation and Structural Change at the University of Bremen. His research interests include Environmental, Innovation, and Institutional Economics.

Usman Khalid

United Arab Emirates University

I am an Economist, currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Innovation in Government & Society, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). Previously, I worked as an Assistant Professor at School of Economics, University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM). My research interests include empirically exploring the relationships that exist at the cross-section of Economics, Politics and other disciplines. In particular, I am interested in the interplay of economic and political institutions with economic outcomes. Moreover, I am also interested in exploring the factors that determine the international tourist flows across countries such as linguistic and cultural proximity, and the effect of conflict on international tourist flows. The aim of my research is to provide policy implications to support evidence-based policy making. I have widely published in leading international journals in Tourism and Economics such as Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Energy Policy and Energy Economics

As an Assistant Professor at UAEU I am teaching two undergraduate courses. As an Assistant Professor at UNM, I taught four undergraduate courses and supervised several undergraduate student dissertations. My current and past teaching experience are here. In addition, I am also acting as a Research director at the School, where I am responsible for managing the research output in the School and promote collaboration as well as managing PhD education at the School.

Outside of academia, I have consulted for PwC Middle East on several projects and worked with World Bank on projects related to infrastructure development and productivity in Malaysia, as well as institutional development in Pakistan.

I earned my PhD in Economics from the Department of Economics at Lund University, Sweden in February 2016. My PhD dissertation explored the dynamics of institutional change and the interrelationship between institutions and economic activity. I also have Masters degree in Economics from Lund University, Sweden and Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan.

Mohammad Azeem Khan

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

I mainly work in the area of Monetary Economics and Banking.

Hubert Kiss

Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK)

Hubert János Kiss obtained a PhD in Economics in 2009 at the University of Alicante. He joined the Institute of Economics in 2013. Besides his work at the Institute, he also teaches at the Corvinus University of Budapest. His main research interests are bank runs, experimental and behavioral economics.

Harilaos Kitsikopoulos

Unbound Prometheus Program of Advanced Seminars

Haris Kitsikopoulos is the founder and academic director of Unbound Prometheus, a private academic cooperative which organizes a program of advanced summer seminars. The program has hosted since its inception in 2017 faculty from Ivy League schools and intellectuals with global reputations who have done TED Talks, to mention only some of their accolades. Prior to starting Unbound Prometheus, Kitsikopoulos’ teaching career spanned nearly a quarter of a century, 17 years of which as a Clinical Professor at the Economics Department of New York University which ranks consistently among the top 10-15 economics departments in the world. His accomplishments at NYU included the highest teaching award in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as acting as adviser to its former president John Sexton.

Dr. Kitsikopoulos’ work is on British economic history, from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution, with particular emphasis on how institutions affect technological innovation and long-term economic growth. He has edited a collection of essays on the European economies of the late Middle Ages (Agrarian Change and Crisis in Europe, 1200-1500, Routledge, 2012) and authored a book on the first generation of British steam engines (Innovation and Technological Diffusion: An Economic History of the Early Steam Engines, Routledge, 2016) with its companion volume coming out soon. He is also the author of more than a dozen book chapters and articles some of which appeared in leading journals in the field of economic history (e.g., Journal of Economic History, Economic History Review and Agricultural History Review). His research has been presented to about 60 conferences and invited lectures.

Dr. Kitsikopoulos has been invited as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Tokyo and has held research fellowships from two of the top US academic institutions, the National Endowment for the Humanities (twice) and the Smithsonian. Finally, he is the recipient of the Henry Allen Moe Prize, awarded for the best article published in the journal of the American Philosophical Society, the oldest academic institution in the US.

Mattias Klaes


Alexandr Kopytov

University Of Hong Kong