On job market

Paul Lavery

University Of Glasgow

Paul is a lecturer in Finance at the University of Glasgow with a particular interest in private equity buyouts, and their impact on target firm performance

Spyridon Lazarakis

Lancaster University

Polly Le Grand

Foreign, Commonwealth And Development Office

Margaret Leighton

University Of St Andrews

Paul Levine

University of Surrey

John Lewis

Bank of England

Yihan Li

University Of Bath

Jianying Li

University Of Edinburgh

Christian Lippitsch

University Of Edinburgh

Hi, I am a PhD candidate from the University of Edinburgh currently in my fourth year. My major research interest lie in the intersection of structural macroeconomics and development. I am currently working on a project on the role of land markets in Uganda and their impact on efficiency and investment.

Chunping Liu

Nottingham Trent University

Chunping Liu is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Nottingham Trent University.

Chunping’s research area is Applied Macroeconomics, focusing on Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models with housing markets. Her topics include housing markets, housing finance, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policies.