On job market

Lindsey Macmillan

University College London

Lindsey Macmillan is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunties (CEPEO) at the UCL Institute of Education. She is also a Research Fellow at Institute for Fiscal Studies. Her research considers the role of early skills, education, and labour market experience in the transmission of incomes and work across generations. She has published widely on areas relating to intergenerational mobility, educational inequalities, and the role of family background in access to jobs.

Ashraful Mahfuze

University Of Glasgow

I am currently a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Glasgow. My interests are in Industrial Organisation, Information Economics and Applied Microeconomics.

Yousef Makhlouf

Nottingham Trent University

I have a PhD in Finance from the University of Essex, and specialise in empirical finance and sustainable development. Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Nottingham Business School. My research interests fall mainly within the domain of sustainable finance, combining approaches and methods of empirical finance, financial institutions, applied macroeconomics, and development economics.

Ioannis Malandrakis


I am a PhD Candidate in Finance at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Dept. of Accounting and Finance. My research interests focus on banking risk management, green banks and banking, the financial system and climate change, corporate governance, natural resources management, and agricultural economics. I have published - either single or co-authored - papers in international scientific journals (International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management, Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice - forthcoming), in the Bank of Greece Working Paper Series, in the SSRN as well as in conference proceedings. My current occupation is as an economist in a public sector entity (water utilities company). My working experience includes various positions: in the Greek public power utility company (as risk analyst); in the banking sector (risk management, internal audit, credit); in other companies of both the public and the private sectors.

Likun Mao

Trinity College Dublin

Jesse Matheson

University of Sheffield

Jesse Matheson works on topics in public, labour and health economics. His previous work considers the effectiveness of policy interventions that target vulnerable populations and the effect that social environment and neighbourhood infrastructure have on individual decision making. His recent work looks at the relationship between urban geography and the labour market response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nyemwererai Matshaka

University Of Pretoria

Nyemwererai is PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Pretoria. She is researcher who seeks to undertake a professional role in research and analysis with special interest in macroeconomics and its policy, social and development economics. Current research focus is on understanding macroeconomic policy in unequal economies through theoretical modelling.

Nicola McEwen

University of Edinburgh

Nicola McEwen is Professor of Territorial Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Co-Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change. She researches devolution, multi-level government and the politics of independence and union.

Nesrine MECHRI

University Claude Bernard Lyon1

I m a Phd Student in Finance at the University Lyon1 Claude Bernard.
My research work is interested in the relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock market's dynamics
I'll be presenting my second paper from my PhD thesis.

Kulnicha Meechaiyo

University of Glasgow

Kulnicha Meechaiyo is a PhD candidate (Economics) at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests lie in the fields of Corporate Finance and Financial Economics. She holds a BSc and MA from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and MSc from the University of Bristol.