On job market

Wei-Fong Pan

University of Reading

I am a PhD candidate at Department of Economics, University of Reading, and expect graduate on July, 2021. I hold MSc Financial Math at University College London (UCL), and BA Industrial Economics at Tamkang University.

My research interests are uncertainty, labour economics, and empirical finance. My current works focus on measuring uncertainty and its effect on economy.

Ramakanta Patra

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Aimilia Pattakou

Eth Zurich

I am a post-​doctoral researcher at the chair of Economics/Resource Economics. My research interests include carbon taxation and the implications of promoting green energy in the electricity sector. I have completed my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Lucas Bretschger. Before starting my PhD, I studied Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zürich, and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Mike Peacey

Nch At Northeastern

Kwan Phetsawang

University Of Aberdeen

I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of Aberdeen. My primary research area of interest is Labour Economics, but I also study the field of Education Economics. I have a specific interest in studying how technological advancement will continue to impact labour markets.

My current research focuses on understanding and measuring education mismatch.

Jorge Pinheiro

Adam Smith Business School, University Of Glasgow

PhD student in the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.
Title of PhD thesis: Macroprudential Policy in a Union
Areas of Interest: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Systemic Risk, Macroprudential Policies.

John Poole

Cardiff University

I am a PhD candidate at Cardiff University. I am currently working in collaboration with the charity Disability Rights UK on my thesis, which explores the longitudinal effects of disability onset upon working-aged individuals in the UK.

My primary interests are labour economics and the economics of disability and wellbeing.

Alison Preston

University of Western Australia

Professor Alison Preston is a labour economist with a particular interest in wage determination, pay equity, labour market structures, pensions and financial literacy. Her paper in this session is co-authored with Professor Robert Wright (University of Glasgow) (also featuring in photograph).