On job market

Luqman Saeed

Royal Holloway University of London

My name is Luqman Saeed and I am PhD student (Economics) at Royal Holloway University of London. My research interests are in economics of conflict and my ongoing research is on the political and economic impacts of military interventions.

Mehdi Sahneh

University of Kent

Jérôme Santoul

University Of Glasgow

PhD student at the university of Glasgow. I write applied microeconomic theory papers in a variety of topics like Economics of Sports, matching markets and choice overload. I am passionate about teaching and my students appreaciate the energy I bring to the classroom.

Victoria Saporta

Bank of England

Sven Schnellbacher

Karlsruhe University Of Applied Sciences

Daniel Schnitzlein

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Max Schroeder

University Of Glasgow

I am a final year PhD student at the University of Glasgow. My research focusses on the interaction between multidimensional skills and income and wealth inequality.
To study this exciting area, I employ quantitative general equilibrium models with heterogeneous agents, as well as theory based econometric models.

Rodolfo Sejas-Portillo

University of Stirling

Current research interests include applied microeconomics, behavioural economics, and political economy. Presenting a paper on the effects of weather conditions on house prices.

Sonkurt Sen

University Of Essex

Sonkurt is a PhD Student at the University of Essex. His research interests include Economics of Education, Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics.

Eleonora Sfrappini

Halle Institute For Economic Research (IWH)

I am a doctoral student in the Financial Market Department of the Halle Institute for Economic Research in Germany. My research focuses on banking, financial regulation and climate finance.