On job market

Patricio Valdivieso

Heriot-Watt University

Applied econometrician (PhD) with work on intergenerational economic mobility in the UK, focusing on differentials between socio-ethnic groups with particular interest on the white working-class boys. My work also touches on the intergenerational transmission of obesity in the UK analysing the impact of the socioeconomic gradient between gender and age groups and machine learning applications for predicting obesity in adults.

Michael Vallely

University of Glasgow

I am PhD candidate in the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. I will be presenting a paper which is co-authored with my supervisors in which re-examine how social origin is operationalised in the UK Quarterly Labour Force Survey. We argue that for social origin, item non-response is selective, which has resulted in an under-estimation of previous social origin pay gaps and the number of individuals affected.

Alexandra Varadi

Bank Of England

Alexandra Varadi is a Research Economist at the Bank of England. Her research interests include both macro and micro topics related to: household behaviour; the interaction of household balance sheets with the financial sector and economic activity; and macroprudential policies and their effects on the real economy.

Brian Varian

Newcastle University

I am a Lecturer in Economics at Newcastle University. In 2017, I received a PhD in Economic History from the London School of Economics for a dissertation titled 'The course and character of late-Victorian British exports'. My research focuses on Britain's overseas trade during the period from 1870-1939. I have published my research in several journals including the Economic History Review and European Review of Economic History. I currently serve as a trustee of the Economic History Society.

Nicola Viegi

University of Pretoria

Carl Christian von Weizsäcker

Max Planck Institute for Research on Public Goods

Carl Christian von Weizsäcker, Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, in Bonn, Germany. Emeritus Professor of Economics University of Cologne. Former Chairman of the German Monopoly Commission, Fellow of the Econometric Society