Economics ‘Applied’: Celebrating Professor David Bell’s Impact and Contribution to Economic Policy

Presenter(s) Type Length Chair
David Bell David Blanchflower Nicola McEwen Arie Kapteyn Special
Mirko Moro

Professor David Bell retired last September after a career serving the Scottish and UK economic policy scene. David's work span areas such as labour, health economics and political economy and he is an example on how our work can have a positive impact on society and national discourse. David is well known for his commitment to policy and he has served on many committees. Recently he has engaged with projects, debates and initiatives linked to constitutional changes in the UK and the impact of an ageing society. He has been working hard to set up HAGIS, a longitudinal study of ageing in Scotland that builds on well established initiatives such as HRS, ELSA, but goes beyond by linking survey data to administrative data at the onset.


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