Economics of Sports and Leisure

Presenter(s) Type Length Chair
Robbie Butler Alex Farnell Bernd Frick Carl Singleton Special
Rob Simmons

Session comprises 4 papers: Robbie Butler on TV audience demand for elite boxing tournaments; Alex Farnell on impacts of task switching on productivity of pitchers in Major League Baseball; Bernd Frick on the effects of cultural and linguistic diversity on the likelihood of a climbing team reaching a mountain peak successfully in the Himalayas; Carl Singleton on the impacts of international relations between countries on referee behaviour and referee bias in international football


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Souring Tastes for the Sweet Science? New Evidence From US Basic Cable Boxing

The Role of Fatigue and Task Switching on Worker Productivity: Evidence from MLB Pitchers.

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Into Thin Air: Team Composition and Team Performance in Himalayan Expeditions, 1990-2019